Social Media Marketing that Works!

5 Blog Posts That Explain an Effective Social Media Strategy

While there is a wealth of information available about using social media effectively to nurture business, I found these five blog posts to summarize excellent tips.

  1. Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy:
  2. Stop Guessing. Here’s a Social Media Strategy That Works:
  3. How to get your First 1000 Followers on Every Social Network:
  4. The Definitive Guide to a LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy:
  5. What is Content Marketing and How to Measure it Effectively:

They all contain some key suggestions.  First, start with measurable goals. What are you wanting this marketing effort to do for you? For example, do you want to increase followers, increase Facebook fan page “likes”, increase the number of Twitter retweets, increase website referral visitors from social media sites? You get the picture.

Next, you will want to analyze your existing social media presence. What are you currently doing well and where could you use help.

Then look at your target audience. Where do they spend time online and how do they interact? Stop Guessing: contains some wonderful ways you can learn about your audience.  Know your demographics, which tell you the who, and know your psychographics which tell you the why.

Based on your research, choose the most effective social media sites and post often.  The one thing that should be consistent across campaigns, is that you need to be present since social media marketing really is all about the “conversation”.  Your content should deliver value to your target audience.  Track and evaluate your social media performance.  Periodically compare your results with the goals you set for yourself and then tweak as need.


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