YouTube for Business: Content is Crucial!

There are lots of tips out their about using YouTube to market your business. Here are some very informative ones with key points:

YouTube For Business: Top Ten Strategies & Best Practices, by Wayne Ford:

Key points of this article are:

  • Traditional types of advertising do not work on YouTube. Even company introductory or product demo videos don’t perform well unless they are done in a creative and engaging way.
  • YouTube is a community made of real people and they want to see, hear and interact with other real people. The connection to your business becomes much more powerful if you or someone in your organization becomes the face of your brand. Relationship building becomes a long term strategy that can acquire your company customers for life.
  • Once you build quality and valuable content for your audience, tell everyone you can about your new YouTube channel. Announce it on your blog, email lists and all social platforms. You should have permanent YouTube buttons above the fold on your website and social media platforms. Consider collaborating with an already established creator. It may cost money, but taking the time to find creators with 100k or more subscribers that might appeal to your target audience could pay off. You can either pay them to appear in a video of yours or have them talk about your product in a video of theirs that will also include a link over to your channel.
  • YouTube can improve SEO since it is the second largest search engine after Google and the two play really nicely together.
  • Push people to your website. Include a link to your website in the first line of each video description. Include links to your site in the “about” section and in the header of your channel.
  • Possibly during, but always at the end of every video you upload, you need to have a clear call to action. You want your viewers to do something after they watch or you miss out on the main benefit of creating videos.

How to Create a YouTube Account for Business, by Kevin King

Key points of this article include:

  • All YouTube accounts need to be directly tied to a Google+ account. There are two main ways to tie your brand to a YouTube account: through your brand Google+ page or you can create a YouTube account for a brand which will automatically create a Google+ page for that brand.
  • To create an account with a current Google+ page, make sure that you’re logged into the Google+ account you want to attach to a YouTube page. Go to YouTube.
  • Point your mouse to the top right corner where your page’s thumbnail is and click the dropdown. When you click the page you want to make a channel for, YouTube will take you through a quick tutorial, then you’re ready to start posting content.
  • Fill out the “Home” and “About” tabs.
  • After formatting your channel, you should move over to the “Creator Studio” to create content and manage your page. Become familiar with the Dashboard, Community, Channel, and Analytics

Benefits of YouTube for Business

YouTube has a range of uses and benefits for business that can complement those offered by other communication channels. These include:

  • Demonstrating products. Customers can see products in action before they buy.
  • Creating community. Businesses that have a following or are part of a community can use YouTube as a tool to share and engage with customers.
  • Demonstrating expertise. Some business people use YouTube to build their reputation as an expert in a field.
  • Saving bandwidth. YouTube lets you embed video content in your website without increasing your site’s bandwidth.
  • Showing your brand’s ‘personality’. YouTube is a chance to add color and movement to your business image.
  • Leveraging events or promotions. YouTube gives you the ability to revisit successful events by showing video footage of them to people who weren’t there or who want to recall what happened.
  • Solving customers’ problems. Some businesses use YouTube to provide solutions for their customers. Also, a video can be a great way to address a frequently asked question or help troubleshoot common problems with your product.


Using YouTube for Business: an Introduction

YouTube is a great way to

  • Watch what other businesses are doing.
  • Watch advice videos for your sector.
  • Find good video resources to embed onto your website and share with customers to increase loyalty.
  • Position your business as expert and creating advice videos for your customers, to build loyalty.
  • Create a public following from audiences you may not have been able to reach otherwise. Since anyone can search for and find you and it’s normally easier to rank high on Google with a YouTube video than just a normal website.
  • Give your brand a facelift and create a buzz around it.
  • Fully showcase your products and demonstrate how they can be used.
  • Large-scale viral marketing, if you can get it right.

How to Use YouTube for Business Successfully

The opportunities of what you can do with a YouTube business account are endless and tied in with your Facebook marketing strategy, can lead to a winning marketing plan. YouTube videos embedded in Facebook posts have tremendous engagement and also when you share video’s on Twitter.

The article reviewed highly successful marketing campaigns for small businesses who used YouTube.



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